Unisys & Dell Technologies

IT & Security Leader’s Roundtable

Unisys corporation is an American global information technology company based in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. It proved IT services, software and technology. It partners with Dell technologies to solve business challenges with complete end-to-end solutions for demanding IT environments.


  • 1

    To achieve a joint roundtable session targeting 15 to 20 CIO/CISO/VP from top accounts selected by Unisys and Dell
  • 2

    To increase awareness of both Unisys and Dell’s capabilities about data protection with CRV and stealth
  • 3

    To gain acquisition of NL contacts and to support the NL growth plan
  • 4

    To progress existing opportunities in the pipeline and impact TCV & revenue generation

Keys To Success

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  • Facilitated event using broadcasting software, Vmix
  • Provided a live whiteboarding artist to draw out summary of pointers is presented during the event
  • Delivered final output back to zoom for audiences to log in to view the virtual roundtable session


  • Overall turnout was positive and achieved client objectives
  • High number of attendee conversion rate and engagement minutes
  • Achieved absolute client satisfaction leading to event management of future client events