How Now Brown Cow?

A new subsidiary and a stronger arm for SMEs in Asia

Singapore, 03 March 2020 – businesses are building brands, gathering leads, closing sales and gaining diehard fans – sometimes without a single salesperson on the team. Yet, while the tools for digital success have been available and constantly improving for some time now, many companies are still hanging on to old ideals and traditional ways of doing businesses.

We decided to take a leap and build a niche marketing arm for companies that are on a tight budget and requires a marketing ninja to take their brand to higher levels while standing out from the rest of their competitors. We call this new subsidiary Brown Cow.

Brown Cow is a full-fledged Digital Communications Agency with abilities in managing all aspects of the marketing process tailored for small-medium enterprises (SMEs) – from strategic planning to creative, production and interactive series that are highly sought after in today’s digital landscape.

It covers every aspect of digital marketing.

  • Brand presence
    Want to be seen by audiences? Build a website that exemplifies your brand’s personality and unique selling points. We can develop your site in HTML, WordPress, HubSpot, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, or Magneto.
  • Lead generation
    Stop chasing cold trails and start attracting red hot leads with effective search engine optimization (SEO), paid media advertising, banner ads, or a killer email marketing campaign.
  • Sales and marketing
    Take advantage of e-commerce platforms (like Shopify or your own website) to close sales while you sleep (or watch reruns of The Jetsons). Who knows, your website or sales platform could be your salesperson of the year, every year.
  • Customer experience
    Going digital also allows your customers to decide on the type of customer experience they prefer – whether it’s a hand-on approach with lots of communication with your brand, or allowing customers to be fully independent with their purchase decisions.
  • Workflows
    Before digital automation, every detail of every campaign had to be done manually. Thanks to automation management, companies can now send leads a series of personalized emails, converting them from prospects to customers automatically.


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