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Your one-stop shop for tailored virtual strategies and solutions; bringing the best experiences for your audience!

Singapore, 02 November 2020 – Now Comms Asia is absolutely elated to announce the official launch of Now Events, our very own online events platform! Here are 6 of our finest services aimed at empowering your business to provide the best experiences to your audience.

Breakdown Barriers

At Now Events, we’re all about finding innovative ways to help our clients be heard, and more importantly be understood. Our superior real-time translation capabilities and open borders platform ensures that you always get the right message across.

Scalable Online Conferences

Whether you are planning a customised virtual engagement targeted at an exclusive audience, or a large-scale multinational online conference, we got you covered. Our tailored and scalable virtual hybrid event solutions guarantee you will always get the perfect fit for the task at hand.

Backend Support

Elevate your webinar experiences and run your own show, hassle-free!  With our unique platform capabilities and comprehensive back-end support, we allow you to take charge of and run quality online engagements with peace of mind. Take the driver’s seat with us!

C-Level Bespoke Managed Roundtables

We help you create seamless and impactful high-level engagements with a focus on meticulous organisation, from concept to delivery. Our tailored services and strategic approach enables you to facilitate structured and themed discussions fit for royalty.

Online Broadcast Studios

Our fit for purpose broadcast studio is equipped with top-of-the-line facilities capable of delivering live immersive video productions tailored to your requirements with endless possibilities!

Analytics & Insights

Let us help you make sense of your engagement metrics, tailored to the needs of the Asian market. Leverage our best in class real-time digital insights and analytics capabilities to identify key performance indicators, monitor audience behaviours and measure your success. Find out what resonates and works best with your audience to enhance your reach and leave lasting impressions.

For more information, please contact:
Adrian Chiu
Sales Director
(65) 9455 0735

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