Kinda Different in Chiang Mai

Building Ideas, adopting a better approach, and being stronger together

At Now Comms Asia, we are not only about having fun at work, but we always come together to extend our hands to people around us, and we love to give back to those who are in need. That is why we are KINDA DIFFERENT!

We are so pleased to have worked towards raising money by helping the local vendors sell their products at the Shangri-La exclusive night market and donated the earnings to the Healing Family Foundation.

As part of our team bonding activities, we also incorporate a CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility activity to further assist the Healing Family Foundation by donating five wheelchairs that our team members assembled as part of our final quest.

As a team, we are so happy that we are able to help the less fortunate by helping to raise money by selling local goods and donating wheelchairs to support the locals during these trying times. Our initiative has summarised our main objectives for this trip; we are bringing bigger ideas, better approaches to what we do, and we are stronger together!

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