Break the Convention: Marketing Tactics to Stand Out from The Crowd

Marketing in the 21st century is a rapidly changing and saturated landscape. Consumers are bombarded with marketing messages every day, and it can be challengingto stand out from the crowd. However, several marketing tactics can help you break the convention and rise above the noise.

Embrace Your Uniqueness

What do your customers love about you? What makes you stand out and makes you unique?

In a landscape where content and strategy often take a ‘copy-cut-paste’ approach, originality makes you stand out from competitors and catch your audiences’ eyes. Your marketing strategy should reflect this unique aspect and include hard data evidence where it’s possible to increase your brand credibility.

Get Personal

Your customers don’t want to be known as just another transaction—they value recognition and relationships. Taking the time to make aspects of your service tailored to your customers’ needs—even as simple as sending handwritten notes—can go a long way in building lasting relationships and create a monumental impact.

Be Willing To Do What Others Aren’t Willing To Do

Alright, we admit, this is more of a mindset than a tactic. But it’s an essential aspect of breaking conventions.

According to marketer John Janstch, a secret to success that worked for him was to do the things that others weren’t willing to, and be prepared to do them for long.

This is quite a robust notion to embrace, as getting ahead of the game requires taking risks and being different. Take Apple, for example—many of its products, features and strategies are often notably the first of their kind. And isn’t that part of why they seem so much more valuable than their competitors?

Inject Some Personality Into It

Everybody hates advertising gimmicks.

Your customers crave authenticity, vulnerability, and the human touch. They would rather see the story and people behind the brand and hear about the people looking to solve their problems and make their contributions matter to them.

Making it a relatable and personable brand can significantly elevate your standing in customers’ minds. Take a deep dive and showcase what you stand for in your storytelling strategy.

Keep Up With The Key Trends

To stand out, you need to be updated on the next big thing. Do your research and find out what’s getting in popularity and what you need to leave behind to get ahead of the crowd and catch your eyes.

In a Nutshell

Planning a marketing strategy that stands out from the crowd and gets noticed isn’t easy. But it is definitely worth it—organisations that offer originality seem more valuable to customers, especially those who choose brands based on an alignment of purpose and values.

It is vital for you as a brand to cut through the noise and engage with your customers on your terms.

Looking for a clear branding strategy that helps you rise above the crowd and drive more leads for your business? We can help. Reach out to us for a consultation today.

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